Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility


Embedding Corporate Responsibility into our organisation will allow us to be more efficient and create a more engaged and diverse workforce, providing development opportunities for our employees and building closer links with our local communities.


We operate a CSR policy which represents a commitment by us to behave fairly and responsibly, contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life for all our staff as well as contributing to local communities and society.

At Sugarman we are committed to conducting business with integrity and with respect for the interests of our employees, clients, suppliers and wider community.


Above all we value our workforce and have developed employment policies that are directed at creating an environment that will attract, develop, motivate and reward employees. The work environment is enhanced by lifestyle-friendly policies that support human rights, citizenship, health and safety, disability, personal and career development and high standards of ethical and professional conduct.


We are keen for our CSR policy to be inclusive of our entire workforce and we engage all employees to help to introduce new initiatives into our daily operations.



Standards of Business Conduct

We are completely dedicated and committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.  We ensure our business complies with the requirements of the Employment Agencies & Business Regulations 2003, (“The Regulations”) which governs and oversees the activities of all recruitment companies within the UK.  The Regulations are monitored and enforced by the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, with potential prosecutions and prohibitions for agencies that breach the Regulations.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is integral and absolutely fundamental to everything we represent at Sugarman.  We are totally committed to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and furthermore any other person who may be affected by our activities.  We willingly accept entire responsibility as an employer to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent and deter accidents, injuries and damage to health. We persistently work with our supply chain and client base to achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in our health and safety performance.

We regard Health and Safety issues as a high priority and accordingly are reported and discussed, in depth, each month at Board level.

Our impact on the Environment

An objective of Sugarman is to reduce our impact on the environment, which includes factors that contribute to climate change, via a commitment to continual improvement and to give maximum co-operation in complying with environmental legislation and regulations. All branch locations have been supplied with recycling facilities and are repeatedly encouraged to use energy saving light bulbs. We also insist that all IT equipment is switched off when not in use to prevent the unnecessary and needless waste of energy.

Our impact on communities

We appreciate that all our business undertakings have varying direct and indirect effects on the societies in which we operate. We, therefore, endeavour to administer all activities in a correct and responsible manner, as we are of the opinion that appropriate performance mirrors business success.

We are dedicated to the continual study, and up-to-date review, to improve our social responsibility programme. Furthermore we are keen to encourage our business partners to apply corporate social responsibilities applicable and fitting to their business. At all times Sugarman inspire their staff to participate in local activities in order to support charitable events and social enterprise.

Committent to our people

We are steadfast in our commitment to all our employees and, of course, those we place within our client settings.  We recognise that our people are our brand and as such are our greatest asset. We are dedicated to establishing a culture within Sugarman, which focuses on diversity and to naturally promote an environment of fair and competitive employment.  Sugarman is a signatory to the REC Diversity Pledge. We, therefore, honour this commitment and wholeheartedly challenge and scrutinise discrimination.

Our purpose, at all times, is to motivate employees into realising their full potential and financially rewarding their achievements.