How does an interviewer get the most out of the interviewee?

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The first rule of any interview or meeting is preparation.  The interviewer should have a precise agenda and a well planned list of questions, which will detail the exact criteria of what the company is looking for in an individual.

There will, no doubt, be several candidates for one job who all possess the correct qualifications, skills and experience.  An interviewer will normally select between four to six applicants for interview to provide them with wide latitude for comparing and judging the candidates.

It is now common practice for there to be more than one interviewer, which ensures limited bias towards a candidate and also not restricting the subjective choice to the opinion of one interviewer.

Greeting the interviewee - A professional and courteous hospital/company will welcome the interviewee, offer them refreshments and ensure the interview is carried out in a comfortable room without interruptions.  All these factors are important in safeguarding the hospital/company’s employer brand. The more relaxed a candidate is encouraged to be then there is more likelihood of an assessment being accurate.

If an interviewer presents a warm, friendly handshake that will have an immediate effect on the interviewee’s nerves, this is to the company’s benefit as well as the interviewee. Remember, a company wants the best person for the job, and if a person is too tense because the atmosphere is too intimidating, then an interviewer will not get the best out of that person and risks losing a promising candidate.

Inviting the interviewee to first of all introduce themselves and perhaps give the interviewee the opportunity to discuss their curriculum vitae, will put them at ease and the interviewee will respond to questions more fluently.  It is from these answers that the interviewers will form an objective assessment of the interviewee.

Length of time of interview - Interviews normally last between thirty minutes to one hour depending on the nature of the job.  Interviewers should each ask questions, so that one interviewer is not dominating the interview, which also enables the interviewee to engage with all interviewers.