How employable is a degree in psychology?

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Psychology graduates gain an impressive range of skills that make them highly employable and approximately two thirds of psychology graduates are in employment in the UK six months after graduating:

  • Employed (62.9%)
  • Further study (15.5%)
  • Working and studying (9.6%)
  • Unemployed (7.8%)
  • Other (4.2%)

Graduates of psychology develop the transferable skills that all employers require, such as communication, numeracy, independent learning and the ability to work in teams; they also know the significance of being flexible and adaptable and will have the level of confidence to try anything.

Last year, according to UCAS, approximately 20,000 undergraduates chose psychology making it the most popular subject in the UK, and 20% of psychology graduates go on to qualify as chartered Psychologists, specialising in clinical, education, occupational, forensic, health or sports psychology.

In the UK, 123 universities offer a total of 655 master degrees in psychology.

Top 10 UK universities to study psychology:

  • Cambridge
  • Glasgow
  • Oxford
  • Bath
  • St Andrews
  • UCL
  • Leicester
  • Exeter
  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham

(Entry requirements to study for degree five GCSEs (A-C), including English, maths and in some cases a science, plus three A-levels.)