Your approach to taking advantage of career opportunities has a huge impact on your life. When you consider the path your career has taken so far, do you wish you had been more cautious or gone with your instinct to take a chance and try out a new role? It may be a cliché but many people regret the things they haven't done rather than the things they have, so don't ignore the  consequences of doing nothing.

Many of us have found ourselves in jobs that are unsatisfactory due to inadequate pay, unsatisfactory bonus schemes, lack of promotional opportunities or poor relationships with co-workers. You get home on Friday, have some distance from the office and tell yourself that things aren't too bad and they will probably improve if left alone.

Taking action to improve your own circumstances can seem difficult or daunting, so you stick with the status quo and grudgingly, miserably go back to the same office on Monday. This may seem like the easiest option but have you really considered the long-term impact of carrying on regardless?

If you have experienced career success so far, you are already aware that the path of least resistance is rarely the one that leads to satisfaction, and dissatisfaction will eventually lead to unhappiness. Professor Philip Bobbitt, an academic from the University of Texas, has coined the term 'The Parmenides Fallacy' for referring to such situations. Parmenides was a Greek philosopher who argued that all change is impossible and existence is uniform and unchanging. This is easy to accept because it means we can't do anything to change our own lives, so why try?

We can just carry on the way we are, either accepting our lack of job satisfaction or hoping it will somehow improve without our input. Consider your previous jobs or personal relationships; have they ever improved once you accepted your dissatisfaction and allowed things to stagnate? Choosing to take advantage of a new job opportunity could be the best decision you ever made.