The Rise and Fall of a New Employee

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Anyone working in the medical profession knows just how important it is to impress to get ahead.  However, there is no magic panacea for a new employee to impress their boss but they should at all times bear in mind how relevant good time-keeping is and be punctual. It is the mentality of the new employee which is crucial; they should analyse their overall effort and work output because there is no quick-fix solution to make an impact on superiors.

Anyone working in the medical industry must demonstrate more than excellent clinical expertise and medical knowledge, as employers want physicians and nurses who can demonstrate compassion towards patients and also their families.  Compassion brings mental and physical health benefits to those who feel it—and research also suggests that compassion is a skill we can strengthen through training.

‘Attitudes guide our thoughts’
Making sure that patients are getting the best possible care is fundamental to the medical profession – attitude is therefore crucial and a good attitude should be sustained throughout a medic’s career. When it comes to impressing employers the most important trait of a medical worker is to show complete dedication to the medical profession.

It is a case of positively performing a job with a flexible and open attitude, as this is the way in which the new employee speedily becomes an asset to a company/hospital.  Technical skills are now required in most jobs but it is equally important for a new employee to adopt a positive and can-do outlook regarding ‘all work’ and related company/hospital matters.

Danger of an employee rising too early and negative effects of employee empowerment
Giving a fairly new employee too much power, too soon, within a company to make important business decisions with minimum assistance can be critical if things go wrong, because it will have a negative influence on the individual employee who delegated such matters and the workforce as a whole.  Therefore companies and hospitals should assess the risks involved before assigning authority to newly engaged employees.  It is important for an employee not to accept a challenge which is too high because this will result in tension and could eventually produce a hostile working environment.

The new employee should be careful not to be too clever and to be cautious of not offending other people within the company.

Keeping Information Confidential
An employer may feel free to share relevant information regarding hospital/company matters with new employees; this has the effect of making the new employee feel part of the hospital/company.  It also makes an employee feel relevant and immediately appreciated.  But an organisation should bear in mind that when crucial information is freely distributed amongst all staff there is the risk of potential leaks – which could significantly have a detrimental effect on a company.

All employees regardless of their job role should exercise caution at all times when discussing the business affairs of their employers, because there is a fine line between naivety and ignorance.

Control ambition
The world is rapidly changing and it is no longer sufficient for a company to deliver an impressive strategy once and then implement it – ambition nowadays has got to be constant in order for an organisation to maintain that crucial competitive edge.  We live in a culture of upstart technologists creating impressive and ambitious new apps daily; this produces a competitive and extremely challenging global business environment.

However, it is important for every new employee to control their individual ambition and not to over impress immediately, but should bear in mind their work assignment and successfully meet their specific targets.  It is the steady output of efficient and successful work which will initially create a good impression.