Why is it important to have up-to-date medical knowledge?

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If you do not keep up-to-date on ‘industry knowledge’ you will miss out on potential opportunities. The best method to adopt for keeping up-to-date will depend on your medical role within the medical industry, the learning need, as well as individual preference and available time.  But bear in mind that it cannot be over emphasised just how important it is to keep medical knowledge current, as continuing professional progress should be a planned and on-going process.

Consider the following:

You must keep your professional knowledge and skills up-to-date.

You must regularly take part in activities that maintain and develop your competence and performance.

You must be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect your work.

You must keep up-to-date with, and follow, the law, medical guidance and regulations relevant to your work.

You must take steps to monitor and improve the quality of your work.

Create time to put progress into use – do not just store new knowledge use it! - Current and new knowledge within your medical industry will better equip you to make improved decisions and will earn you the trust and respect of the people you work with.

Plan to develop your medical knowledge and practice, bear in mind the following:

  • clarify with others the skills, knowledge and values required to carry out your job role
  • seek advice on development opportunities to achieve development
  • secure opportunities for development
  • reflect with others the way your values, personal beliefs and experiences may affect your work with individuals
  • agree a personal development plan with others
  • review how newly acquired knowledge and skills can be applied in your medical role
  • evaluate with others how far your new  medical knowledge has enhanced your work