COVID-19; A message to our colleagues, candidates, and job seekers.

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The information and status surrounding COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis. 

We appreciate that there is, and may continue to be, a great deal of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and the situation that we all find ourselves in. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to maintain the safety, health, and wellbeing of all our clients, colleagues and candidates.

Please be rest assured that we are fully operational and still hiring across our network.

We have followed Government guidance and advice and closed our office locations however this is only a closure to prevent physical visits. We are still answering the phones, replying to emails and available to talk and support your recruitment journey.

To ensure we are abiding by the Government rules regarding social distancing we are introducing virtual hiring processes across our network. Every process is bespoke to each of our clients, and their roles and the virtual hiring procedures we implement will reflect this. These will be reviewed on a regular basis and changes will be made according to the latest advice we receive.

Our technology enables us to reduce the amount of face-to-face contact needed so you can apply for a job from home. Visit to search jobs we have available and apply online. 

We recommend visiting and/or for all up to date advice and guidance.

Thank you for your continued support.



Q: Are your offices still open?

A: We have closed our offices to restrict physical contact however we are still contactable via email and phone. 

Q: Have you changed the way you hire people?

A: Yes we have altered our processes and are utilising our technology platforms to deliver virtual hiring via telephone screening, video interviews and online assessments, minimising the amount of face-to-face contact where possible.

Q: What do I do if I feel unwell?

A: If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 then please stay at home and contact your Sugarman representative to inform them of your illness and inability to work. 

Q: If I have to self isolate, will I get paid?

A: If you are ill, have symptoms of coronavirus, or have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS you can be off work for 7 days without a sick note. 

If you have COVID-19 or have been advised to stay at home then you can get an ‘isolation note’ by visiting NHS 111 Website, rather than visiting a doctor. This replaces the usual need to provide a ‘sick note’ after 7 days of sickness absence. Where an isolation note is provided, SSP will be payable from day one of the absence. Normal SSP rules apply to any other sickness absence.